1-14-14 – FREDDIE MAC, The EEOC and….the continuous Hunt for “Osama Bin Salsa”

1-9-14 ——26 years for a green card….still waiting…

So if you are not familiar, I’ve lived in Chicago for 26 years, been married twice, filed for a green card twice, 2nd one was declined because they said they couldn’t find first file from 1989, ….and they didn’t want to see my copies of all of the original documentation….then my now ex-husband Joel Carreon, who works at Williams & Lea in Chicago, saw a great opportunity to get ALL of my assets (not half) and got help from his buddy in the FBI and I was dragged away and put into deportation..this was one week after the divorce Judge denied his petition to take the house before the divorce finances were settled. He never provided evidence of his income. (I truly only believed he was behind this when I saw the date of the initiation request, shown in my file I got from the British Govt by filing a FOIA request…)

STOP AND THINK. You can only call a landline from jail, if there is money on your jail account. Do You KNOW anyone with a landline? Can you understand how hard it is to get Any help at all? While I was jailed, my ex-husband went first class to Hawaii for a vacation with someone; it’s on the credit card statements…..

US Immigration wanted to cover their continuous errors; all the rules were bent and broken, and I was held in a filthy jail and starved for 108 days. You are made to wear clothing with others blood and bodily fluids, and denied everything you are supposed to have as an ‘administrative detainee”. I am a witness to the abuses in these jails. I was dumped at Heathrow Airport on Sept 11, 2008. I went straight to the library, posted everything I had online, visited public officials who made enquiries; which led to an Anti-Terror warrant being served on me, at the request of the US Govt, which was worded “and documents related to America” – what…People Magazine, or the evidence that I have lived honestly and paid taxestaxes for 20 years? My DNA was taken, even though I was not charged with anything. I guess America wanted to try to find and attach some crime to me to justify their actions. They Had No Luck, I’ve never had so much as a parking ticket.

And Yet….it still took ten months and direct letters to Hillary Clinton to be able to come home, now on a U-Visa. This requires a Work Permit. Which is Always delayed…as is the green card that is supposed to follow a U-Visa ApplicationApplication. 26 FUCKING YEARS.

So back in the US, trying to rebuild you life, with no health insurancehealth insurance for medical problems caused by false arrest and detainment, interviewing constantly to get any job, you realize that no one is smart enough to understand a U-Visa. No one looks at job applications that don’t say “US Citizen or Green card holder” …so you apply for 200 jobs a week; you get one interview a month. Ultimately, someone asks all the wrong illegal questions, demanding to know Why you can work if you are not a ‘citizen’….and the classic, oft-repeated, “A Crime Victim Visa? Oh…What Crime did you Commit?” – making you wish you had not spent the bus fare to attend the interview.

Eventually you get a call out of the blue, from some agency that found your résumé and wants to offer you a contract job. $28 an hour. YES. You get there, and it’s a huge empty room, with four cubes. You are told you don’t need a phone or a computer for this job. You are supposed to ‘sort’ piles of dusty documents from government agencies from the 1970’s and 80s. You take pleasure in shredding anything that looks important. The guy in the shredding room is happy to have a visitor, it’s been five years. The other chick is Pakistani, she is curious what this agency is, they called he rout of the blue too. So you Google it, its smack between the CIA and Homeland Security in Washington. You start slacking off, realizing it’s just another cell.

You get a call from a real recruiter…..AWESOME a Temp-to-hire for TransunionTransunion a Real Job at What you Used to be Highly Skilled At!! You take, as fast as you can, because you need to try to rebuild your life, you credibility. Your finances. You add the job to your Linked-In profile. At Transunion, after a couple of months, they like you, they want to hire you….and then..The FBI Stops by. The next day, you are told your position has been eliminated. Even your computer is taken away. Your boss is very uncomfortable. He now can’t have an assistant, to make the story stick.

You start applying for everything again. You get another call out of the blue, and you say, “Sure. Shit. Why Not…” and you start working for Freddie Mac. A Totally Government controlled Entity. You work for a total asshole, but this is the Least of Your Problems. You can ignore his crap. You work really hard to get your perspective back after all this crazy drama, while mourning the fact that you are now too old to start a family, even if you did meet someone who liked you. You constantly thank your greedy ex-husband for that, and fervently hope that everything he ever wants, goes to shit too. You realize that you were just too trusting and nice a person. But you also realize, if it had been Wisconsin, he may have just taken you on a hunting trip and had an accident with you. Lots of women die that way.

It has now been more than 20 years since you emigrated to Chicago. It is supposed to take 2 years from the issue of the U-Visa for the green card process. It is Delayed, so every year, you file an applicationapplication to renew your travel permission and work permit. You apply early, it is produced early and backdated six months…so it’s only valid for six months and you have paid twice. You apply in the same time frame the next year; it is delayed, so while you are on vacation, you are called by your new manager Peter Giles, and told that they terminated you when your work permit expired on November 28. Ok. The work permit arrives at the lawyer, on 12/15/13. You know you will have to start the arduous, several year process to get a ‘real job’ with health insurance health insurance again, at the age of 46. Meantime, the lawyers and everyone else needs payment. Nothing like 20+ years of hard work and being called a “job hopper” for something you have no control over!

This website now contains the serialization of the book, “The Hunt for Osama Bin Salsa” with every detail of how I was treated as an “Administrative Detainee” after I was dragged away from my job in banking, because I did what the lawyer said I should do; I filed suit over the 20 year delay…

Because I am Still ‘waiting’ for my greencard, third time, it’s delayed again…If I sue them, they will probably ‘detain me for administrative purposes” again…and YOU will be paying for it. You never hear stories like this, because ….

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